TF: ADW Official Release, Download Here!
September 10, 2005 - 06:11
Download here:
Update - 1.01 Sound Fix Patch:
Update - 1.02 Patch:

Below is the original release text, please note that some of my statements may have changed in time Wink (i.e. the mod may be worked on further since this release):

Note however that the file is 33,515 mb zipped. I release this as is, & regret being unable to finish the mod fully; I think i will move on from this mod now, as i want to start something fresh.


I realise this mod was never properly finished, sadly. Bugs such as the sound dissipating until there is none from just playing once, & then it wont come back until you restart TS still lurks in this mod i am afraid. Reasons such as these wanted to make me release it unfinished, i wanted a break & i didnt feel working on this mod was any more enjoyable, as the mods unfixable bugs can ruin the experience. Saying this however, i have spent ALOT of work on this mod, many months working on coding, concepts & editing things such as graphics & sound effects. I took out some of the placement sound effects i crafted from scratch because they only helped the sound bug happen quicker, although i did enjoy them. I believe they are still in the sound mix file if you are interested in hearing them, there is power plants, tiberium silo & tiberium refinery sound effects.

After saying all that i do hope you enjoy the mod for all that i have done too it, it may have inconsistencies, bugs, & perhaps some unbalances, but for the most part it is enjoyable, even without the sound. & spent alot of time on the maps, & heavily editing WW maps, included in the mod at the top of the list with [TF-ADW] in their names, i do hope you enjoy my maps, & hopefully you enjoy the mod just as much. I release this unfinished so that it can see some light, instead of a dead project locked in a cage for eternity.

But do not fear! I hope to start another mod, i hope to make it 'cleaner', less sprawled, & hopefully less .mix corruption. This means; No sound errors, no bugs. Without bugs, i can feel alot more encouraged to work on a project. All your feedback & support truly helps, Without a community, making a mod like this can feel a little pointless i am afraid, so i thank you all for letting me keep going, thankyou! I cannot help but feel sad as to this mods announcement, but i hope this can be happy, & that you enjoy it, you the community.

On a last note of all this, i would like to take the time to credit those who have helped & where i have used resources from; A big thankyou goes to Ackron for giving me a most beautiful Retributor Tank voxel, The CABAL Artillary, the missile voxel i used for CABAL's tacitus missile launch, & for the CABAL Stealth Tank. (Which i reskinned, but i must have used some wrong dark colours as they show up pink), I added new songs from Dune, Yuri's Revenge, & well one TS song that was originally left out. Explosion graphics where either edited from TS ones, or from Star Wars BG ones, various graphics & voxels where also used or edited from Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge. A big thankyou too GeckoYamori for the fantastic new although not complete set of LATs!

& to my friend Stinger! I know i 'conscripted' you not too long from this release, but do not fear! Do not think you voxels that have no been used yet where made for nothing, the ones you have made, & new ones you can make for me, will greatfuly be used in my new mod project. So please do not worry about that, & thanks for the support! Smile

Now, onto thanking individuals:

Ackron The Almighty -
For Being An All Round Cool & Helful Guy, & Offering To Help With New Voxels. (Particularily Stunning Ones I Might Add).

Da DVD (Diederik van Dijk) -
Another Helpful Friend, One Whom Has A Brilliant Mind For Coding & Such, Thanks For Helping Me Whenever I Have Asked You Questions Of Query.

Banshee -
A Big Thank You Goes Out To Banshee For Hosting A great Forum In Which He Has Let Me Have A Sub-Forum For Uploading Details & Downloads For My Mod. & Also For Featuring Some Of My Maps In The Front Page Spotlight.

Stinger -
Thanks for the recent support man, & thanks for the great voxel work! Stay around to work with me on a new project. Smile

GeckoYamori -
For the excellent Lats, even if you couldnt get around to doing them all, i will be using these LATS & any more you make for me in my next for sure, thanks!! Smile

Thankyou to everyone who has ever given me any feedback on my mod! & or downloaded & played it! Thankyou! Very Happy Smile

Programs i used in the creation of this mod: Notepad/Wordpad for coding, The XCC Utilities, Final Sun for map editing, VXLSE/HVA Builder & a very big thanks to Stucuk & Banshee for the OS Shp Builder, & of course the good old trusty Photoshop! Where would i be without Photoshop? Hehe. Wink

This mod does not require Firestorm! It includes all the features of Firestorm! If you have Tiberian Sun you will have everything a Firestorm player has! Including everything from Firestorm! Wink Smile

To install this mod, Extract this to Sun folder, or even better a copy of Sun folder. Run the executable from the folder with the mod to play the mod. If you extracted it too your only Sun folder, then you will need to remove the files included in the mods zip from your Sun folder directory in order to play normal TS/FS again.

Below is the unfinished readme, it has alot in it, but it is unfinished, it does not document all the new units, but it does
still document alot of information, including some storylines i wrote, which i particularily hope you like as i spent alot of
effort making them.

The Tiberium Future: A Dieing World
A mod for Tiberian Sun
Version 1.0

Contents of This Readme:
1. Introduction.
2. Storyline’s & Briefing.
1. Main Storyline, The Tiberium Future; A Dying World.
2. Side Storyline; Fate of The Forgotten.
3. Side Storyline; The Aftermath of CABAL.
3. Detailed Analysis of New Skirmish/Multiplayer Maps.
4. Detailed Analysis of New Construction Technologies.
5. Detailed Analysis of Other New Game Play Tweaks.
6. Contact Information & Disclaimer

1. Introduction:
The Tiberium Future; A Dying World is a mod which aims to radically change strategy & game play of Tiberian sun, with a rich storyline & background of information, it takes place in the years after CABAL’s downfall, when tiberium has mutated beyond the information held in the Tacitus, & while the Tacitus has the most valuable information, it would seem GDI has broken into its wealth far too late, as the world continues to spiral towards its destiny of a tiberium future where the ecosystem is that of another world. Both Nod & GDI continue to expand technology wise, while the Mutants help GDI’s cause of saving what left of a future there is, not all mutants are in the name of GDI however, as rebels make up a large number of the divided mutant forces. Who knows what the future holds.

2. Main Storyline, The Tiberium Future; A Dying World
Times of the world are harsh, the future looks to be grim for some people, GDI & Nod continue to rally each other in a dieing world, a world ravaged by chaos & fear, each day the atmosphere of the planet knows as earth wears thinner, succumbing to the attributes of tiberium, if the rate of which tiberium affects the atmosphere continues the earth’s atmosphere will be one of complete tiberium, not even mutants would be capable of surviving in a tiberium world; after all, they too are based upon a sentient human being. GDI’s analysis has indeed uncovered that the earth is doomed, and although the Tacitas contains the information to control tiberium, tiberium seems to have mutated far beyond control, the ignorance of how tiberium was working in the environment takes its toll to the extreme, however you cant blame the late foundation of what is happening; GDI’s endless battles with Nod has always been on the agenda.

While GDI makes this discovery, they prepare for the worst, in believing the future is fatal, they under take the massive task of researching & creating residence which supports the original planetary atmosphere of earth, except in a building, this would most likely conclude a single massive structure weaved with smaller living quarters, a world locked away as artificial, however if this is not established, they may be no future at all, so in desperation this is a last resort that the times have yielded. The majority of the mutants have pledged complete allegiance to the GDI & their goals, knowing that they too will become victims to the future; the tiberium future.

These events are but few, while GDI & the mutants hunt for a way to live in the future, Nod fully endorses the tiberium future, ever so convinced with their beliefs, they truly believe tiberium is the future, the means to a peaceful world destined by the spirit hand of Kane. One might say, Nod are the people who are indeed gone mad, however, Nod finds people who see otherwise to their belief’s that they are ignorant of the truth, the brotherhood finds its ways through the discipline of so-called peace, power & unity amongst their sanctuary brotherhood.

Nod continues to harness the strength of which tiberium grows, harnessing it for their own uses, they assault GDI like never before with new technologies unthought of, Nod is the pinnacle of tiberium assault, while Nod continues this method, GDI & the mutants find themselves having to make new defensive technologies; knowing their future cant be safe without proper defence from the ruthlessness of Nod, & while GDI has developed some new offensive weaponry, at large their goal is for better defence considering the ever so brutish Nod.

Civilians aren’t as foolish as people wish to think, populations have found tiberium illnesses in the rise far worse then seen ever before, Tiberium related death incidents have increased by 400% over the last year or two, GDI must research habitable residence & fast if they wish for a future. Civilians are also being quickly recruited in their belief systems, many have been caught up into the belief’s of Nod, while others find themselves seeking truth & justice & team up with GDI, but whatever team the civilians defect to, they can be sure the future will still remain as terrible & unjustifiable as before.

It is quite easy to see what is becoming to the world; tiberium is as commonplace as the dirt on the ground, recently all types of strange tiberium mutations have become more dominant, jungles of tiberium infested tree’s & creatures have become more common, you can be sure to see some sort of strange tiberium related abomination in at least 10 kilometres of where you stand, the world grows ever so strange. The rumour still stands; what if this world is adapting for a different ecosystem, a world made with completely different life forms & DNA structure in mind, however this is no longer a question of “what if” but rather an answer of “it is”.

Is this a dieing world? Dieing in the eyes of those who have lived in it for a long time, but in reason, the world is growing rather than dieing; it is growing for different purposes, different reasons, indeed, to say the world is dieing is a lie to the truth, the world is merely changing, changing in a way that will cause a truth in dieing for the original life forms of this planet. So now, the question is how long? How long to the tiberium future, this question can’t be answered, but one thing is for sure, its happening quickly.

Side Storyline; Fate Of The Forgotten:
Tratos is dead, the mutant order is jumbled in chaos, without a leader, The Forgotten are truly on the path of being forgotten, with each day the mutant faction grows weaker, in this time of fear one would think that The Forgotten know better than to break away aimlessly.

However in these times of loss, the respected remnants of The Forgotten still battle to grasp a foothold on their future, & while the number dwindle, there is still a fighting force left in the mutant factions, the respected friends of Tratos are keen on keeping the mutant order in continuation, Umagon & Ghost Stalker both seek unity amongst their people.

Umagon has deep ties with GDI, the best hope of unity for The Forgotten in her eyes is to enroll all those who remain in the cause of the mutants to help the GDI with the technological researches & militia in any ways possible, the mutants by prerequisite now place their future in the sole hands of GDI's care, it is their wisest, & in these times, their only choice for a united survival.

Nod continues to unravel mysteries of the tiberium world; but not for survival, rather, for their own twisted & terrible uses, they continue to ravage the land with lethally advanced tiberium related technologies, while Nod seems to feel at home when assumed as the most technologically tiberium indulged faction, it is in fact the mutants, who are capable of rivalling this title.

For the most part GDI has lacked any tiberium related militia & technologies, but the mutants are quite keen on introducing their research to the cause of GDI; for once GDI will have a chance to show Nod that you don’t have to be 'blessed in the spirit hand of Kane' to wield the potence of Tiberium in all its entity.
This is the fate of The Forgotten, perhaps by choice, but one cannot deny that fate calls upon this conclusion amongst the last of the Mutant faction, who knows what tomorrow brings for their people.

Side Storyline; The Aftermath Of CABAL:
Nod has been blessed with many secrets, while the destruction of CABAL was quite an accomplishment of confidence amongst Nod, it was also a critical blow to their mission improvisions; CABAL was possibly the most intelligent AI to exist, however this has not faultered Nod; Quick recovering of CABAL's core & such has revealed to them so many things.

Little do they know the essence of CABAL lives on... However for the meanwhile they rejoice with what they did achieve from the facet of his artificial destruction, the complex obelisk designs & reaper cyborg's where all something CABAL built in his short beam of glory, Nod was capable of retrieving these designs, the obelisks cannot be remade; they had a strange linking to the core.

But with the technological advancements translated & left behind Nod has been able to improvise, developing upon the understandable translations of the tacitus Nod has been able to test an incredible weapon CABAL had almost finished developing; The Meteor Storm, a powerful, direct & efficient, it contaminates the grounds with divination that GDI & the likes could never grasp.

While Nod find's all these things of complexity, including the cloning abilities CABAL had perfected, GDI also has had a successful outcome from the aftermath of CABAL; The fully translated tacitus is something GDI is overwhelmed with, although an incredibly hard to decipher text full of divine complexities, GDI has fulfilled a goal capable of giving them the information to create anything without limits.

GDI has already found a quick development from the tacitus; studying atmospherics & weather relations within an ecosystem, GDI has found a way to suppress photons within clouds in such a way that the outburst creates a somewhat localised ion storm upon the hailed area, GDI has successfully carried out the test in quite a few area's, & is ready to allow any commander to call upon its use upon battlefield given the right verification levels.

But CABAL lives on.. Somewhere... Out there... Perhaps Kane's true motives where more sinister then originally thought... For his plans continually permutate. Who knows what the future will bring.

4. Detailed Analysis of New Construction Technologies:

GDI Infantry:

Name: Mutant Commando
Prerequisites: GDI Barracks, GDI Radar
Tech Level: 7
Cost: $1000
Build Limit: 4
Armour: Light
Weaponry: Rapid Fire Machine Gun & Explosive Shotgun.
Elite Abilities: Stronger Armour & C4.
Description: Mutant Commando's are skilled in efficiency & come handy in situations, capable of eliminating hordes of soldiers with a heavily modified machine gun, they even have their own custom designed Explosive Shotgun, which is perfect at piercing tank armouring, the mutant commando's specialities are invaluable to your cause.

Name: GDI Veteran
Prerequisites: GDI Barracks
Tech Level: 7
Cost: $1500
Build Limit: 10
Armour: None
Weaponry: Veteran Class Rifle & Anti-Armour Cluster Grenade Launcher.
Elite Abilities: Sensors & Stronger Armour.
Description: GDI’s Veteran’s from the first tiberium war are still in survival, & still in service, as an honour to these honed & glorified ‘saviour’ infantry, GDI has made sure they are given the best on offer for a new battle, Veteran’s are swift, tough, & have weapons capable of reaping justice efficiently; Armed with a scope equipped rifle for range & accuracy, the veteran class rifle is perfect against all types of defence, while the Anti-Armour Cluster Grenade Launcher the GDI Veteran carries is incredibly powerful against armour, in groups veterans can seem to be invulnerable demolition squads, however a commander may issue only 15 veterans at a time; after all, while there are many still in service, they are a dying breed.

Name: GDI Commando
Prerequisites: GDI Barracks, GDI Tech Centre
Tech Level: 9
Cost: $2650
Build Limit: 1
Armour: Light
Weaponry: Advanced Long Range Sniper Rifle & Plasmatic Grenade Launcher.
Elite Abilities: Faster Speed & Self Healing.
Description: It is now finally achieved that a supply of highly trained, deadly & most revered GDI Commando’s be available, intensively trained as the most powerful infantry taskforce within GDI’s ranks, the GDI Commando is equipped with a technologically advanced sniper rifle which can pick off infantry from a mile away, while as an anti armour weapon the GDI Commando’s Grenade Launcher is equipped with dangerous plasmatic grenades capable of causing massive damage.

Name: Mutant Sniper
Prerequisites: GDI Barracks, GDI Radar
Tech Level: 5
Cost: $850
Armour: Light
Weaponry: Sniper Rifle.
Description: In these times of need it is important to be sufficient, & the mutants have an answer to these needs, the Mutant Sniper is a powerful asset on the field, capable of eliminating hordes of infantry, although these mutants have little use against tanks, so it is best to use them wisely.

GDI Units:

Name: Titan Mk. II
Prerequisites: GDI War Factory
Tech Level: 3
Cost: $1600
Armour: Heavy
Weaponry: A Nifty multi-disc grenade launcher, & a very powerful single shooting cannon.
Elite Abilities: Sensory Package & Faster Speed.
Description: With the recent upgrades on Nod’s side, GDI hasn’t left this unnoticed, in fact the slow tides of change have delivered GDI with reasons to rethink, & thus a new superpower (just as Nod did) for their primary ‘tank’ needed to be introduced; moreover an upgraded Titan, with tougher armour bounding & a more lethal arsenal the Titan Mk2 is a beast not many wish to fight, its multi disc lobber can successfully kill infantry efficiently & be used as a base barrage, while the Titan’s single shooting cannon has tremendous force, the Titan Mk2 is a truly well thought out multipurpose backbone for GDI’s efforts.

Name: GDI Implosive Mine
Prerequisites: GDI War Factory, GDI Radar
Tech Level: 6
Cost: $1450
Armour: Light
Deploys Into: Deployed GDI Implosive Mine (Cloaked), Explodes ferociously when enemies are in proximity of mine.
Elite Abilities: (In Case of Crate); Cloaking shield when mobile.
Description: GDI has recently been researching highly explosive, intelligent proximity mines capable of exploding when in radius of an enemy, & with recent advancements GDI has been able to fulfil a dream; the GDI Implosive Mine is one such mine, when deployed it lays cloaked, ready to explode should an enemy pass it, as a fail safe the mine will explode destructively even if it is deployed or mobile, but deploying can ensure a suitable base defence or battlefield landmine, With a semi-nuclear implosion that is triggered from the mine when destroyed or in proximity, it is capable of inconceivable amounts of damage.

GDI Buildings:
Name: Ion Storm Control Centre
Prerequisites: GDI Tech Centre
Tech Level: 10
Cost: $1650
Armour: Wood
SuperWeapon: Ion Storm; GDI’s most powerful super weapon has been developed & honed to ionic perfection, the Ion Storm is triggered via an energy suppression field which builds up ion molecules in the predesignated area’s atmosphere, when released the Ion Storm wreaks havoc & destruction upon the land by striking down with focused Ion Strikes which cause massive damage.
Power Drain: -75
Description: GDI’s latest super weapon, the incredibly powerful Ion Storm, is controlled & operated all within the Ion Storm Control Centre; It is here that it is decided where to designate an ion storm, & it is here that all the complex methods that must be taken to cause an ion suppression field are calculated. In summary the Ion Storm Control Centre utilises the new modulations installed on GDI’s Ion Control Satellite. (Notorious for its primarily used super weapon, the Ion Cannon)

Nod Infantry:

Name: Black Hand
Prerequisites: Hand Of Nod, Nod Tech Centre
Tech Level: 9
Cost: $2650
Build Limit: 1
Armour: Heavy
Weaponry: Heavy-Duty Nod Machine-Sniper.
Elite Abilities: Faster Speed & Self Healing.
Description: In times of desperate measures, Nod calls forth the elite of Kane’s followers; Regarded as the disciples of the Brotherhood’s legions, Suited in heavy armour & armed with Nod’s highly modified Sniper, Black Hand’s are the most skilled infantry available in the Brotherhood of Nod; Capable of causing chaotic amounts of damage while remaining untouched by incredibly tough armouring of the Black Hand.

Name: Chemical Soldier
Prerequisites: Hand Of Nod, Nod Tech Centre
Tech Level: 7
Cost: $1500
Armour: Heavy
Weaponry: Chemical Thrower
Elite Abilities: Stronger Armour & Self Healing.
Description: Long has Nod been efficient with the use of tiberium orientated methods of war, it is thoroughly known that Nod has been training deadly & ferocious Chemical Soldiers for some time, it is an honour to be trained as a Chemical Soldier, in fact, some like to call them Chemical Warriors, weighting hefty armour immune to Gas & the likes, the armour even regenerates itself when exposed to tiberium. The Chemical Soldier can spew forth gaseous clouds of destruction with the notorious chemical thrower, a deadly foe this soldier is indeed.

Name: Self-Destructive Cyborg
Prerequisites: Hand Of Nod, Nod Radar
Tech Level: 6
Cost: $1400
Armour: Light
Weaponry: Self-Destruct
Description: Expanding on Nod’s new trend of self-destructive bomb units, the Self-Destructive Cyborg is a prime example of how far Nod will go to create sadistically horrifying methods of victory, like a walking bomb, a Self-Destructive Cyborg can cause massive damage, filled with plasma enhanced explosives & debris, it is understandable that one would fear this unit utterly.

Nod Units:

Name: Nod Retributor Tank
Prerequisites: Nod War Factory
Tech Level: 3
Cost: $1400
Armour: Heavy
Weaponry: Powerful 90mm.
Elite Abilities: Sensory Package, Faster Speed, & weapon upgrade to 120mmx.
Description: Nod has lost many fights due to their slow reacting tick tanks; the idea of a reinforced deployable tank was all so nifty, but Nod soon realised it was failing extensively, something called for more, so, they said hello to the dawn of the Retributor Tank, a heavily armoured, devastating tank, the ultimate heavy tank in the eyes of the brotherhood.

Name: Heavy Flame Tank
Prerequisites: Nod War Factory, Nod Tech Centre
Tech Level: 7
Cost: $850
Armour: Heavy
Weaponry: Fire Ball Launcher.
Elite Abilities: Stronger Armour, Self Healing.
Description: While nod's new flame tank doesn’t have subterranean technology, Nod makes up for it in its brutality, the new heavy flame tank has tough armouring & twin flame nozzles insuring a maximum damage, a careful warning though, the deadly flame canisters on the flame tank cause quite an explosion when destroyed!

Name: Nod Abomination Mine
Prerequisites: Nod War Factory, Nod Tech Centre
Tech Level: 10
Cost: $3000
Build Limit: 1
Armour: Heavy
Description: Nod has long been lingering within a realm of abominable creations, & one of its latest toys is no exception; the Abomination Mine is more of a mobile bomb than anything, designed to cause mass damage & havoc, the Abomination Mine ‘bomb’ causes a magnificently deadly explosion which releases its primary tiberium based fuel amongst the land; Gaseous clouds of death which pool in the craters caused from the massive explosion, a potential Visceroid forming crater for unsuspecting infantry, it is true to name that this is quite an abominable approach to succeeding in destruction.

Nod Buildings:
Name: Meteor Co-Ordination Centre
Prerequisites: Nod Tech Centre & Temple Of Nod.
Tech Level: 10
Cost: $1650
Armour: Wood
SuperWeapon: Meteor Storm; The Meteor Storm is the Super Weapon Kane had visioned to the brotherhood to cause hysteria & chaotic destruction, & that it can do, A single incredibly powerful meteorite can now be called upon, which then triggers a storm of chaotic meteorite debris, the Meteor Storm is a monster of a super weapon which seriously strikes fear & terror into the soul’s of those witnessing such a monstrous weapon.
Power Drain: -75
Description: Developing on Kane’s divine thoughts, Slavik ordered the Brotherhood to focus on their master’s proposed vision, & left off from where he started; strewn code in Cabal’s core, & much data stored within the Temple Of Nod, after much work they created a Co-ordination centre which could call upon the menace of the skies, it is not exactly clear or shared on how this is done, but it is thought the tacitus plays a key role in their creation, as the co-ordination centre calls upon tiberium infested meteorites at a predesignated choice.

Universal Infantry:

Name: Mutant Harbinger
Prerequisites: Barracks, Radar
Tech Level: 4
Cost: $500
Armour: None
Weaponry: Vulcan Cannon.
Elite Abilities: Stronger Armour & Self Healing.
Description: Mutant Harbinger’s offer services to both GDI & Nod, claiming to be bringer’s of the future’s omen’s, these mutants are fanatics who have endured much pain from all direction; they equally distrust both Nod & GDI, but they like to think fighting for any one of them will quicken the end of this world.

Universal Buildings:

Name: Spotlight Tower
Prerequisites: Radar Centre’s
Tech Level: 3
Cost: $800
Armour: Wood
Weaponry: Uses Sniper against infantry & Bazooka grade rockets against armoured units.
Power Drain: -10
Description: Lately these towers have had a boost; previously they could not be built on the field as they where quickly becoming lesser useful, in fact the only remaining left of them where from the end of the first tiberium war in certain bases, but lately they have had a multipurpose makeover & can be used efficiently on the field, both Nod & GDI have seen the through that these towers should be reconstructed, with a powerful sniper rifle to ward off infantry & bazooka’s to defend against units & air force, spotlight towers have become a very efficient base defence.


Please note that the unfinished readme hardly documents any of the new units, there are ALOT of new units, buildings, etc, & i never got around to fully finishing the description for them all.