Ok to make units teleport simply add a "K" to the begining of there Loco e.g.




Dont use in conjunction with Hunter Seeker logic it dont work Smile

Ok now onto a chrono tank, well yes you could make a chrono tank simply by giving it that Loco but it will be tottaly stupid and unbalanced, u could explore the map in seconds for instance and attack enemys with no fear of retaliation  ........ anyway

You can 1 (and i cant be bothered to explain how to do these cause there simple)

1.Make make a chrono tank that has normal Loco and can fire at targets, but to make it teleport u deploy it (need a .SHP image for it) then un-deploy it and it can now teleport but not fire, to fire u have to deploy it again which will be diff building wit hthe same image but it will undeploy into the normal Loco version which can fire.... make sure u make the teleporting version unable to move into shroud

2. Use the Mobile EMP  logic. As charged EMP and un-charged EMP are actually different units. So make uncharged Mobile EMP have the teleporting loco but not be able to fire, make the charged version have normal Loco and be able to fire. The charge time would moderatly long so u couldnt chrono wait a few secs, fire loads the chrono out again. Make SURE the teleporting Mobile EMP cannot move into shroud or it will be too unbalanced

anyway thats it