Howdy! The staff from Dawn of the Tiberium Age has been working hard in these days and they have just released a new map editor for Tiberian Sun. For those who are not aware, Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a stand-alone mod for Tiberian Sun that combines Tiberian Dawn (Command & Conquer 95) and Red Alert featuring a classic mode and an enhanced mode. Here is the official announcement from Dawn of the Tiberium Age:

Happy Easter, commanders!

While we don't have bunnies this time, we instead have an all-new map editor. Written from the ground up in C#, it makes mapping for DTA a lot more efficient. To avoid making you read through a giant wall of text, we created a short video that showcases its new features, including automatic terrain generation:

The new features, improved interface and better performance over the ancient "FinalSun" map editor used by the C&C Tiberian Sun community for the past 20+ years make mapping with this editor up to several times faster. The map shown in the video only took me 3 hours to create; with the old editor it would've taken around 10 hours. Simply because the new features and improvements remove a lot of the repetitive, manual mechanical work that was necessary with the old editor.

As another example, creating some of our latest maps, like [8] Extreme Marshlands, simply wouldn't have been feasible without the improvements this editor brings, as achieving the same detail level for the swamps with the old editor would've taken a dozens of times more effort.

Creating the extremely detailed swamp areas of [8] Extreme Marshlands would've been a practically impassable task with the old "FinalSun" map editor.

We've internally used this editor for a while already, starting from the "Chainbreaker" single-player mission released last August, and think it's finally ready for public release. While we didn't demonstrate it in the video, the editor also brings major improvements to mission scripting. It contains all the functionality that the old FinalSun editor had, but with a more efficient user-interface that displays and allows manipulating more information at once, and allows quick checking of references between triggers, objects and waypoints. Below are a couple of examples.

You can hover over a waypoint to view what triggers, scripts or team types use the waypoint.

The new map editor with all scripting dialogs open.

The new map editor will be included with our next update, which, assuming all goes according to plan, will be ready within the next couple of weeks.

For those interested, the source code of the editor is available at Rampastring's GitHub profile:
For license and credits, see the License file at

For further information about Dawn of the Tiberium Age, visit its Forums at PPM. And that's all for now!

One vision, one purpose! Zorbung, the leader of Yvory, has recently released Yvory 220310. For those who are not aware, Yvory is a voxel editor for Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, and OpenRA editor. It edits VXL, HVA, VPL, and PAL files. It imports and exports Wavefront OBJ. It allows texture painting. It includes an asset manager for easy file management. It also features voxel paint & build, resize canvas & content, many rendering options, lighting setup, selection tool with scaling & rotation, a color limiter to restrict operations on specified colors only, and more...  Here are the official words about Yvory 220310:


RA2YR Enhanced will soon be turning 2 years old! In case you're not familiar with it, RA2YR Enhanced is a high quality vanilla+ mod for Yuri's Revenge, aiming to enhance the original game experience without straying too far. Most important files have been brushed and cleaned up, and along with carefully set up community add-ons like Ares and Phobos, the game is now more stable than ever and able to play at the level of a weak human player, for endless offline fun!

But right before a new version update, I'm proud to release Yvory, a very powerful modding tool that can help modders make game assets for their own mods in a matter of minutes! For what is worth, Yvory is an acronym for Yuri's Voxel Factory.

This was initially intended for private use, but I've decided to make it available for everyone's benefit. Yvory is the only professional-level modding tool available for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge at this moment, so if you have any interest in modding the game then this is a must-have. With more than 50 features, including the ability to import and export models as Wavefront obj files from other 3D rendering software, modding the game is no longer a tedious task, in fact it has never been more fun!

Yvory - Mod DB

You can also use Yvory to show off your finished work by taking screenshots and animated GIFs which can be easily posted anywhere.

If you're a voxel artist and make a time-lapse or something interesting using this tool, please let me know so I can feature you in my future articles.

Get Yvory from the link bellow, and please read the requirements in the file's description.

Download Yvory - Mod DB

Keep in touch with the latest updates, new tools and more by following RA2YR Enhanced:

If you are curious about Yvory, visit Yvory Topic at PPM Forums to obtain further information about it. You can grab the latest version of Yvory by clicking Here. Feel free to share your feedback and ideas about it, as well as report all the bugs that you find out Here or by replying to this news post. And that's all regarding Yvory for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Yvory!

One vision, one purpose! A new version of ClusterVQA has been released recently by tykkimies. ClusterVQA is an open-source VQA encoder, allowing you to produce videos for Tiberian Sun. Here are the words from the author about ClusterVQA:

Hello! I've worked on my own VQA encoder for a while now and I'm happy to share my results with all of you.

Enter ClusterVQA: A VQA Hi-Color encoder!

It's written in Python and available on GitHub at
You can download it by clicking the green "Code" button and then "Download ZIP".

Unlike ugordan's encoder it's open-source and my hope for this project is to act as a "reference encoder" in the future. Others can use it as a base for coming up with faster and higher-quality implementations.

There's still room for improvement, for example, only PCM audio is supported, but I've made sure the videos play perfectly in Tiberian Sun, XCC Mixer, and FFmpeg's 5.0 version. It's also a command-line only and needs FFmpeg for converting input videos to image sequences.

Also thanks to CCHyper, tomsons26, OmniBlade, and UGordan for info on the VQA file format.

Anyway, I'm keen to hear what you think!

For further information about ClusterVQA, visit its Official Website. Download the latest version of ClusterVQA Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy ClusterVQA and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Notepad++ v8.2.1 release
Feb 01, 2022 - 06:30
Notepad++ has been recently received some bug fixes with the release of Notepad++ v8.2.1. For those who are not familiar with it, Notepad++ is a free and open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that runs on Windows. It supports several programming languages, multiple tabs, plugins, and is based on the powerful editing component Scintilla.

Here are the goodies that comes with Notepad++ v8.2.1:

A regression of “loaded session being empty on exit” has been fixed. Find/Replace swap button is added in this release. An option for inserting auto-completion selection (with TAB or ENTER key) is also added in this version, to fix hitting twice ENTER to go to next line issue. More bug-fixes and enhancement are done in this release, please check the following link for the detail information or download 8.2.1:

For further information about Notepad++, visit the Official Website. Notepad++ is downloadable at This Address. And that's all regarding Notepad++ for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Notepad++!

MapTool has been released!
Jan 06, 2022 - 20:50
Howdy! Starkku has published a new version of MapTool called MapTool MapTool is an open-source tool designed to apply changes to tile, overlay, and object data of map files of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun & Red Alert 2 based on pre-defined conversion profiles. It is capable of performing operations such as converting maps from one terrain theater or another, or even between those two aforementioned games. Here are the updates from MapTool


BUGFIX: Fixed multiple parsing issues with [SectionRules]. NOTE: This includes a breaking change, = is no longer accepted as a separator between old & new section / key names, need to use -> instead, this has been amended in the documentation.
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where non-comment lines before the first section in INI file caused the program to crash.
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where the GUI program wouldn't let one to add maps with valid extension if the extension contained uppercase letters.

For further information about MapTool, visit its Topic at PPM. Download the latest version of MapTool Here. That's all folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on MapTool!

Hello everyone! The crew from Twisted Insurrection has recently shared a new music track created by TotallyNotLupus for this project called Manufactory. For those who are not aware, Twisted Insurrection is a classic modification for the Tiberian Sun that is set in an alternative timeline where the Brotherhood of Nod was victorious during the first Tiberian War rather than GDI. After the Brotherhood used the Ion Cannon to destroy an irreplaceable monumental structure, the Global Defense initiative lost all UN support leaving them in total disarray. Here is new track:

If you are curious about Twisted Insurrection, visit the Forums at PPM to obtain further information about it. That's all folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Twisted Insurrection!

Notepad++ v8.2 has been released!
Jan 05, 2022 - 18:35
Hello everyone! Earlier in this month, the team from Notepad++ released Notepad++ v8.2. For those who are not familiar with it, Notepad++ is a free and open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that runs on Windows. It supports several programming languages, multiple tabs, plugins, and is based on the powerful editing component Scintilla. I, particularly, use it a lot, for most of my projects. Here is the official announcement from Notepad++'s staff about Notepad++ v8.2:

“Every moment is a fresh beginning” - especially for the 1st day of the year. Even there’s no huge change in this release (but a lot of good features and bug-fixes), this version still deserves the number 8.2 - Notepad++ has come out of its “critical regression state” which was due to the change of its IO routine.
Several long time requested features like “exclude folders in Find in Files” and “auto-save loaded session on exit” are implemented in this release.

You can find more information about Notepad++ by visiting their Official Website. Notepad++ is available for download Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Notepad++!

One vision, one purpose! E1 Elite, the leader of FinalSun 1.01 Patches, has recently released FSP.dll (2022-01-05) that should allow you to produce bigger maps. For those who are not familiar with it, FinalSun 1.01 Patches is a DLL that extends the features and fixes bugs from Final Sun 1.01 map editor for Tiberian Sun. The changes from FSP.dll (2022-01-05) were announced with the following words:

Update to FSP.dll only (TSClient v6):

Changes (2022-01-05):
- Allow max map size support like 256x256.
- Override game content using \MIX\extraXX.mix
files where XX can be 00-99.

Thanks to Secsome for doing it in FA2sp.

You can find more information about FinalSun 1.01 Patches by visiting the Topic at PPM. Download the latest version of FinalSun 1.01 Patches Here And this is all for today! Enjoy FinalSun 1.01 Patches and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.